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Welcome To Sheldon!
Sheldon, IA 7 - 20 Day 1
20th July 2014 - Rock Valley to Okoboji View Map

Thank You!

for ALL that you each did to make today a smashing success for Sheldon! I can’t begin to tell you how many fabulous, positive comments were heard throughout this awesome RAGBRAI day!! Without the tremendous time & effort that EACH of you and ALL of your volunteers dedicated to this tremedous event – the day would not have been nearly as successful. Instead, we had MANY, many, MANY tremendous comments from riders who said:

*”I’ve been riding RAGBRAI for 12 years and have never seen a pass-through town offer so much or go so all out for the riders. THANK YOU!”

* “Sheldon is offering us as much as an overnight town – this is awesome!”

* “These couches & chairs in the park are the BEST idea EVER!”

* “Thanks for having such a great shady area in your park. This is the best park layout I’ve seen in years.”

* “These recliners in the park are AWESOME!”

* “Thanks so much for ALL of the pie!”

* “The burritos are amazing!”

* “Thanks for the slip & slide & for the inflatable race!”

The Epicenter Of The Fun: The City Park

Motorists Be Aware

Motorists, please plan ahead on Sunday morning! Sunday starting around 9 AM Sheldon will be welcoming over 10,000 riders into Sheldon via Highway 18, around City Park, and then leaving via Country Club Road. It will be very important to keep in mind how you will get around Sheldon as a visitor or resident that day. If you can hop on your bike or walk, you will be happier and the roads will be safer :) Sunday is going to be a great day, so we encourage you to come out to City Park and experience RAGBRAI! SEE THE ROUTE HERE

Sheldon Prepares For Ragbrai

Important Announcement

Sheldon has been selected to be a “meet up” town on the 2014 RAGBRAI® bike route. RAGBRAI® is the oldest, largest, and longest touring bicycle ride in the world. It has a national reputation and riders come from all over the world to participate. The people of Iowa share their communities, homes, and themselves with this festival on wheels; and we are proud to be among those communities welcoming RAGBRAI® riders this year!

Our town will be the half-way mark for the day’s ride on Sunday, July 20th. Additional services for the bikers (medical support, bike repair shops, etc.) will be located here. Sheldon is a designated meet up for the support teams of the bikers. An estimated 20,000 bikers will come through Sheldon to hydrate, rest, eat, and enjoy themselves.

With all of this additional activity in town, we are asking our community members to help prepare Sheldon. The RAGBRAI® route will come into Sheldon on Highway 18, loop around City Park, head east on Highway 18, and leave town north on Country Club Road. These areas of our town will be the parts the riders see, giving them an impression of our community. One of the best ways you can help get ready for RAGBRAI® on July 20th is to beautify our community. Homes and businesses along the route should prepare to welcome bikers by cleaning up lawn spaces, planning to sit outside and greet riders, placing fun signs, and generally presenting their property in the best state possible.

The Sheldon RAGBRAI® Hospitality Committee would be happy to work with you as you plan to beautify your property in preparation of July 20th.

The City of Sheldon along with the RAGBRAI® planning committees are committed to putting Sheldon’s “best face forward.” We are confident that each of you will help the bikers enjoy the hospitality of Sheldon, Iowa!

Additional Updates

From The Committees

The hospitality committee is going to put out some old couches and chairs in the park for seating in addition to the city picnic tables for seating. If anyone has an old couch or chair they would like to donate (you won’t get it back!), please Contact Us.

If you would like a “Welcome” sign to put up in your home or business on July 20th, the hospitality committee will be providing signs. Please Contact Us.

We would like to see as many community supporters out lining the RAGBRAI route through Sheldon as possible. All community members are encouraged and welcome to bring lawn chairs, blankets, etc. to sit alongside the RAGBRAI route and welcome riders into town. If possible, please purchase and wear your Sheldon RAGBRAI t-shirt to show your Sheldon spirit.

We encourage Sheldon businesses, organizations, and community members to Adopt-A-Block to beautify, decorate, hang signs, and stand/sit on to welcome riders. If your business or organization would like to Adopt-A-Block, please Contact Us.

Lets Make Ragbrai A Success

The people of Iowa share their communities, homes and themselves with this festival on wheels. Sheldon has been selected to be a “meet up” town on the 2014 ride. Our town will be the half-way mark for the day’s ride, and additional services for the bikers (medical support, bike repair shops, etc.) will be located here. Sheldon is a designated meet up for the support teams of the bikers

Also be sure to tune to KIWA Radio for immediate updates on weather and or releases tune to 105.3 FM.


A Letter From The Mayor

The citizens of Sheldon have a great deal of pride in their city. Sheldon has a thriving business community, high quality business developments, and beautiful residential areas. I want to welcome all the riders to our town, enjoy the hospitality and all that Sheldon has to offer!

-Katricia Meendering


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Sheldon, IA -- July 20th, 2014